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Where are the Prices?

To see our prices select one of the Transcription Services to the left.

For example: If you have a "One-on-One" interview, select "One-on-One" under Transcription Services to the left to see the prices.

Minimum Charges

If you submit very short files or tapes, then a minimum charge will apply. For example, if you upload a 1-minute file, the minimum charge is $5.00 to have that file transcribed.

Generally speaking if your file is more than 4 or 5 minutes long for an upload or 10+ minutes long for a physical tape, the minimum charges will not apply and you will only be billed at the applicable per-minute rate.

The minimum charge for a digital file submitted via our Easy Upload system is $5.00.

For physical media such as Audio Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc, the minimum charge is $20.00.

Each tape or file submitted is considered a separate transcript for billing purposes. See below for important information regarding audio cassettes.

Editing Charges

If you upload files that require us to edit them to specific lengths, there is $5.00 per edit fee. To avoid this charge, please edit your files prior to uploading them if you do not want us to transcribe the entire file.

Payment for First Time Customers

Non-Rush Orders

Payment is not required until we finish the work. We will send an invoice when your transcripts are ready. Once payment is made, we will then be able to deliver your completed transcripts. We accept all major credit cards and payment can be made on-line or by calling in the credit card number.

Rush Orders

If you are a first time customer ordering Rush work, we will need to get a credit card on file prior to the commencement of work. The card will be charged once the rush order is completed so that there is no delay in sending your finished transcript.

Manual Submission of Invoices

When a job is complete we will email you a PDF invoice. There is no charge for this.

If your company or institution requires that we manually enter invoice information into any type of invoicing system, there is a $5 per invoice data entry fee.

How We Price Transcription Services.

Our prices are based on the actual amount of audio recorded on each tape or file you submit for transcription. See important information regarding audio cassettes below.

Example: If you submit a 60-minute video tape with only 26 minutes of contiguous audio, you will only be billed for the 26 minutes.

Select a "Transcription Service" type on the top left to learn about pricing for each type of transcription. Example: If you have a phone conversation that needs transcribing, select "Phone Calls".

Multiple Types per Tape

In the event that you have a mix of audio Types on a tape or file, the whole tape or file will bill at the higher of the rates.

If you would like us to extract the material off of the tapes or files into separate transcripts and bill them individually, there is a fee of $5 per edit.

Example: You submit a 60-minute video tape with 20 minutes of Type-1 followed by 20 minutes of Type 2, followed by another 20 minutes of Type-1. We can edit these into three (3) distinct transcripts. Each section would bill at its own length and two (2) edits would be charged.

Audio Cassette Pricing

For audio cassettes, each side of the cassette is considered a separate tape for transcription purposes.

Example: A tape with 30-minutes of audio on Side-A and 30-minutes of audio on Side-B will be billed as two separate transcripts NOT as one 60-minute transcript. You will receive one transcript for Side-A and a separate transcript for Side B.

Bad Audio File/Tape Fee

If a tape or file is submitted which is not transcribable, it will be assessed a Bad Audio fee of $5.00.