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Conference Call Transcription Service

A Conference Call is any audio transcribed from a telephone conversation between three or more people.

We consider Webinars and WebEx recording with more than two people to be the equivalent of Conference Calls. For WebEx files, we will need a downloadable version of the WebEx file in either MP4 or WMV format.

If you have a phone conversation with only two people, please see Phone Call transcription instead.

Type-3 Pricing
4 Days (huh?)
Type-3$3.00/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Type 3 pricing applies to all transcription of Conference Calls.

Notes on Audio Formats for Conference Calls:
  • We can accept a variety of digital formats from call recording services. Please call for details.
  • We highly recommend using a decent conference call provider. Try to use a provider that does not highly compress the recorded conference call.
  • Please read our advice on recording phone conversations.
  • For Audio Cassettes, each side of the cassette is billed as a separate transcript. Thus, if you have a 60 minute phone call and 45 minutes of it are on Side A and 15 minutes are on Side B, you will be billed for two transcripts, one 45 minutes, the other 15 minutes. See our advice on Audio Cassette Duplicating for more details.