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Post Production Transcription and Transcripts

This type of transcription only applies to broadcast delivery versions of motion pictures, television shows or documentaries.

For rough cuts or assembles see TV 'as-broadcast'.

A Full Continuity transcript is a highly detailed, cut-by-cut transcript that lists all dialog, music cues, credits, on-screen graphics, scene descriptions, timecode and feet and frames (as applicable). Timecode spotting is either done on a cut-by-cut basis or for each line of dialog.

  • Cut-by-Cut spotting means that the timecode will mark the beginning and end of each edit in your production.
  • Dialog spotting is more intensive and indicates that each line of dialog will be marked with timecode as well as the beginning and end of each shot.

Full Continuity transcripts are most often used to fulfill contractual delivery requirements for foreign broadcast and distribution. It has been our experience of late with documentaries and television shows that Lite Continuities are more than enough. This is due to the significant price difference between a Full Continuity and a Lite Continuity and the continuing decline of TV production budgets. Please consult your delivery requirements contract to be sure which you will need.


Full Continuity - Cut Spotting Pricing
5 Days (huh?)
Full Continuity - Cut Spotting$17.50/minute of audio
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

This pricing applies only to Full Continuity . See TV 'as-broadcast' for Lite Continuity transcript pricing.


Full Continuity - Dialog Spotting Pricing
6 Days (huh?)
Full Continuity - Dialog Spotting$24.00/minute of audio
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Notes on Audio Formats for Continuity Transcripts:
  • All projects for this type of transcription must be submitted on VHS or DVD with a time code window burn (BITC).