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Transcribing Reality Footage w/B-Roll

This type of transcription only applies to documentary and television projects where the raw footage is completely unstructured but you want the audio that can be heard transcribed.

If you are looking to have just the one-on-one interview or on-the-fly interviews transcribed see Documentary Interviews or One-on-One Interviews instead.

Examples when transcribing Reality Footage would apply:

  • You have footage of a chef preparing a meal in a busy kitchen. She is interacting with the staff, making dishes, talking to her personnel, etc.
  • You are shooting a reality TV series and want the 'non-interview' material transcribed.

During transcription we will attempt to consistently identify each person speaking and will put in brief descriptions of what is happening. The descriptions are general, to give the reader of the transcript an idea of what is occurring but should not be considered "B-Roll" logging. See sample transcripts below. We do not provide "B-Roll Logging" services. Irrelevant audio such as the video production crew talking about technical issues will not be transcribed (i.e. 'Move that light over there.' or 'Okay, let see if we can get the air conditioner turned off.')

If your tape is a mix of 'reality' footage and 'on-the-fly' interviews and you either want the whole thing transcribed or don't know where in the footage the interviews are located, that tape will be billed at the Reality Footage rates.

Time coding is available as a billable option if your materials are submitted with a visible time code window burn. We insert a timecode reference every 30 seconds into your transcript.


Reality TV Pricing
4 Days (huh?)
Reality TV$3.20/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Reality pricing applies to any unstructured footage that requires transcription which is not interview format. This kind of footage can only be transcribed from a digital video file or DVD dub.


  • Following a chef around a kitchen while she interacts with the staff.
  • Forensic Examiner investigating a crime scene.
  • Non-interview reality TV footage (Survivor, Big Brother, The Real World).

Reality TV w/Timecode Pricing
5 Days (huh?)
Reality TV w/Timecode$3.70/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Reality w/Timecode: Same as Reality Footage, but with time code added every 30 seconds to the transcript. Must submit a digital video file or DVD with a timecode window burn (BITC).

Notes on Audio Formats for Reality TV footage / cinema verite:
  • All footage for this type of transcription must be submitted on a digital video file or DVD.
  • We highly recommend that each a digital video file or DVD dub correspond to only one (1) master tape.
  • Clearly mark on tape or submission form any notes about the audio on the left and right channels.