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Seminar Transcription and Conference Transcription Service

We have provided seminar transcription services for several large conferences and trade shows in the past and are set up to quickly and efficiently turn your material around so they can be available to your clients almost immediately. With rush service, we can turn your conference audio into a transcript overnight.

There are two basic types of seminars, Single-Speaker Seminar and Multi-Speaker Seminars:

Examples of Single-Speaker Seminar:

  • A host introduces the speaker, the speaker gives a talk followed by a Q&A session with the audience.
  • A host introduces a speaker, that speaker lectures and concludes, a different speaker then lectures and concludes, the host returns and wraps up the session.

Examples of Multi-Speaker Seminars:

  • A host moderates a panel of speakers.
  • A panel of speakers talk and take questions from an audience.
  • A host introduces two or more speakers who then give a joint presentation.

We highly recommend that you shoot Multi-Speaker Seminars on video and submit a digital video file or DVD for transcription. This will greatly increase the quality of the transcript. With a video source, the transcriber can see who is speaking and correctly identify them in the transcript.

Type-3 Pricing
4 Days (huh?)
Type-3$3.00/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Timecode (+1 day huh?)+$0.50/minute
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Type-3 pricing applies to all Multi-Speaker Seminars.

If your Seminar is one person talking with a Q&A session after the main presentation (Single-Speaker Seminar), see Type-2 pricing.

Type-2 Pricing
3 Days (huh?)
Type-2$2.05/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Timecode (+1 day huh?)+$0.45/minute
True Verbatim (huh?)+$0.35/minute
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Type-2 pricing applies to all Single-Speaker Seminars.

Notes on Audio Formats for Seminars:
  • We highly recommend recording your seminar on a digital video file or DVD.
  • DO NOT USE micro cassette if at all possible. The resulting transcript will most likely be extremely poor. Often times, we can only transcribe micro cassette seminars on a 'best efforts' basis.
  • Proper recording technique for seminars makes a huge difference in transcription quality.
  • For Audio Cassettes, each side of the cassette is billed as a separate transcript. Thus, if you have a 60 minute lecture and 45 minutes of it are on Side A and 15 minutes are on Side B, you will be billed for two transcripts, one 45 minutes, the other 15 minutes. See our advice on Audio Cassette Recording for more details.